I have no idea why this isn't already a thing! A portable trailer bar is in the works for people to rent for their parties and events. The adorable trailer will be available at the beginning of 2022 barring any complications.

According to the operators of Bubbly, Julie Burgess and Emma Andreasen, the 1957 trailer will be serving wine, beer, champagne, coffee, soda and mocktails among other beverages. It will be a bartending service so you don't have to make your own drinks at your own party. Genius.

The trailer rentals start at $500 but rates vary depending on the size of the party and how long you would like to rent it. You can also provide your own alcohol for them to serve as well which is pretty great.

They are still in the process of finalizing everything for the mobile bar but they should have no problem doing private events and they have liquor liability insurance so that is a step in the right direction. Finalizing things can take a little bit of time but they fully anticipate opening early 2022.

Bubbly is also working with local breweries around Twin Falls so you are supporting all local. They do have more collaborations with local businesses as well in the works to try and be part of as many local and support as much local business as possible.

If you have an event coming up, big or small, this sounds like a great opportunity to add a little more fun. You can go to their website to get more information and quotes for your upcoming events.

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