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We had an office conversation about French fries.  It started when we learned the Pole Line Road Arctic Circle in Twin Falls had closed.  I read a story last weekend about the 30 best fries at chain restaurants across America.  McDonald’s topped the franchise list and Five Guys was highly ranked.  Then we got to talking about fries at locally owned outfits.  I told one of our show hosts I really missed a restaurant named Blu.  You could get bottomless steak fries and they were always hot and fresh.  It was a favorite weekend stop for lunch.  I’m also fond of the fries at Burger Stop.

Several local cafes do fries right?  My only complaint is the portion size.  When it comes to potatoes of any kind, I’m not much for portion control.  Though, I haven’t had potatoes of any kind for several weeks, if I walked into a diner today I could easily put away a double order.  It’s also good for our state economy.  It’s why we promote potatoes on our license plates.

A few minutes ago, I did a search on fries.  I found a list where the writer ranks 50 of the best in America.  One Boise restaurant made the cut.  That means I need to make a road trip.  It’s called "trust but verify".   What these national lists can’t do is make comparisons with options outside big cities.  There are some great options for fries all along our back roads.  A little café in Swan Valley comes to mind.

Also, I would like to find a place in Idaho that serves poutine.  It’s an absolute treat and it shows even a Canadian can sometimes stumble into a good idea.

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