Some people plan extravagant dinners and events for their Valentine's Day lovers. Many people buy jewelry, flowers, chocolates, and other fancy gifts. I don't. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day at my house. Our excuse is that 'we show our love all year long so why would we make this one day such a big deal.' Really we have just realized that Valentine's Day is just too stressful trying so hard to make things perfect. And we are lazy. But, even lazy people can plan to watch a movie.

Fave Rom Com credit Comparitech
Fave Rom Com credit Comparitech

Choosing a movie can be a little more difficult because there are so many good romantic comedies out there. I wrote my list of favorites about a week ago and Idaho's favorite didn't make the cut. Not because it isn't a good movie, I just didn't think about it. A new map is out from Comparitech showing the favorite romantic comedy of all time for each state, and in Idaho that great honor goes to The Princess Bride. That's a solid choice. Three years ago they did a few showings of The Princess Bride at the mall theater and it was awesome to watch on the big screen.

Check out the map for ideas on some great rom-coms, that you may have forgotten about, for late night Valentine's Day viewing.

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