Over the years there have been a number of naval ships given the name of Idaho, but the latest hasn't begun her service yet. In fact, she isn't even built yet. The USS Idaho is prepping to join the fleet of naval ships and now has its first commanding officer, Commander Nicholas Meyers. At a ceremony in Connecticut Meyers said:

It’s an honor and privilege to lead the Idaho crew into preparations to take custody of the ship, take her out to sea and answer the nation’s call

A keel laying ceremony will be held today, August 24th, in Rhode Island and will be attended by former Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne. The submarine is under construction in Rhode Island and should be ready for service in 2023. The ship will have a crew of 135, which will include three Idahoans, and between now and then the crew will be going through training.

The first U.S.Navy vessel named Idaho was a steam sloop which served as a store and hospital ship was commissioned in 1864. Later, the USS Idaho was a World War 2 battleship. The future USS Idaho will be a nuclear powered fast-attack submarine serving in SUBRON 4 out of Connecticut.

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Though the ceremony locations were chosen due to location of future service and construction of the vessel, it would have been cool to have the ceremony for the Idaho, actually here in Idaho.

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