I wish Republicans would stop playing by liberal rules.  Including Idaho Republicans.  Witness Marv Hagedorn being sent to a re-education camp. 

Because somewhere, someone Hagedorn never met could have a seizure if they heard the joke

The former State Senator and career sailor now serves the state’s veterans.  Hagedorn was a candidate for Lt. Governor, losing in last May’s jungle primary.  I heard the man speak at a Kiwanis event in Twin Falls.  He’s a stand-up guy!

Last weekend he tweeted a joke about Brett Kavanaugh exposing himself to two women.  The punchline was it happened at Kavanaugh’s birth.  I got the joke.  Just how far back in someone’s life do we chase what are often apocryphal stories?

A Commerce Commissioner working for the North Dakota Governor resigned this week.  He shared his thoughts on Kavanaugh from a state e-mail account.  He said nothing offensive but ran afoul of the politically correct because it was a government account.

Hagedorn used his personal Twitter.  It’s a bit like sharing thoughts with neighbors from the front porch.  Of course, the liberals moved immediately to high dudgeon.  Because somewhere, someone Hagedorn never met could have a seizure if they heard the joke.  So Hagedorn was ordered by the Governor’s office to re-education camp.

Ever see the Monty Python gag about the world’s funniest joke?  It was so funny people reading or hearing it were dying.

I also remember a scene from Python’s Life of Brian.  A mistaken messiah wants to be left alone.  He tells a mob following him to “**** off!”  They reply by asking how they should “**** off?”

“Butch” Otter needs to tell the whining liberals to go leap off a canyon rim.  They don’t run our lives and we have elections because many of us don’t believe them capable of running government.  It appears there’s an inner Jeff Flake in far too many Republicans.

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