The United States Navy has commented on footage taken years ago of an unidentified flying object. According to Navy officials, the video wasn't supposed to be released publicly and is credible.

Controversial footage of an aircraft that was recorded during military training operations  in 2004 and 2015, featuring a UFO hovering above the clouds, is being described as legitimate by the U.S. Navy. Sightings of unexplained aircraft have been closely documented and examined by the department in recent years, according to new communications.

The videos also contain cockpit recordings of pilots describing the events to Navy aviation officials, as shown in the recent, highly-publicized releases. In recent years, these types of reports and sightings have been re-classified as "unknown aerial phenomena." The 2004 video shows several minutes of the high altitude standoff between pilots and the unknown craft, and was accidentally released in December of 2017.

In the video, the pilots carry on conversations about the unlikeliness of the objects being drones, based on the size and speed of the UFOs. Only short portions of the footage was released, with a great deal more evidence being in the possession of the Navy.

The Stars Academy Arts & Sciences originally got hold of the footage back in 2017 and 2018. No information has been made public yet as to the party responsible for releasing the clips. The objects, which move very quickly and have been described as being the size of a school bus, don't appear to be posing any sort of threat to Navy pilots.





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