Janice McGeachin says she has hundreds of emails and telephone calls.  That was as of last week when Idaho’s Lt. Governor met with Governor Brad Little about vaccine mandates.  The state’s largest healthcare providers have ordered workers to get a coronavirus vaccine or face termination.  The Governor’s people claim to have only had a couple of messages on the subject from constituents.

McGeachin joined Magic Valley This Moring on Newsradio 1310 KLIX and explained her position.  Liberal newspaper editors, no fans of capitalism, are calling her anti-capitalist for opposing the mandates.  It’s as if she said she loved puppies the news media would begin kicking dogs.  If she’s for it, the journalists have a knee-jerk reaction against it.  Jerk being the operative word when speaking of the occupants of most newsrooms.

You may already know McGeachin is a candidate for Governor.  Little hasn’t yet announced his plans.  Primary Day is ten months away.

McGeachin explained 15-hundred people turned out for a demonstration against the mandate at a rally in the Treasure Valley.  A similar event is scheduled in Twin Falls on Thursday the 22nd between 4:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M.

One estimate is that up to 30 percent of hospital workers haven’t received the vaccine.  They could be out of jobs by the beginning of September.  Hospitals, already overburdened, would be left scrambling to fill positions.  As one current unvaccinated employee told me, bringing in people from outside is also a challenge, because of the ongoing statewide housing shortage.

You can listen below to our conversation with the Lt. Governor.

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