I don’t blame people for engaging in conspiracy theories.  After all, we’ve seen government and institutions play us for years now, and many have come to realize it’s not for our benefit.  I believe most of our state legislators are compromised and owned by special interests.  Is that a conspiracy theory?  I suppose, but you can also go to the Idaho Secretary of State’s office and look at actual donor lists.  There’s your evidence.

Investigative journalist Matt Taibbi reported this week that Dr. Anthony Fauci was visiting our intelligence agencies in the early days of the so-called COVID pandemic.  Taibbi believes the doctor was looking for someone to bury the Wuhan lab leak theory.  Remember, some of your tax dollars had been funding research in a virology lab in a communist country that is an American rival.  It’s worth an investigation.

This morning, I took a telephone call from a fellow who insists quagga mussels are being used to target bird hunters and fishermen in Idaho.  Being used to take away your right to hunt and fish.  The caller interrupted a show on an entirely separate subject.  He admitted he believed the quagga mussel infestation was real.  But he believes it’s far more widespread.  Really?  Then why haven’t we restricted even more waterways?  That’s where his argument breaks down.  Not to mention, I know a lot of people at Fish and Game who hunt and fish.

You may ask how the threat to the public differs from COVID restrictions.  You can’t see a virus and you can only slow the spread.  Eventually, everyone is exposed and you get herd immunity.  The quicker the better.  Masking and lockdowns were simply moved by a government that wanted to look like it was taking action against something it couldn’t control.  To appease liberal media.

Quagga mussels are a bit different.  Maybe we can only slow the spread.  And they likely won’t kill anyone, however.  They could create a situation that destroys the local economy for decades to come and eventually cost the people of Idaho billions of dollars.

Additionally, during COVID, many of you could choose to isolate yourselves and keep your hands clean.  And for most people symptoms are mild.  There’s nothing mild about the mussels.  Irrigation, recreation, fishing, sewage treatment, and drinking water would all be impacted in a dry climate.  Some species would be driven out by the invasion, which means a decade from now there could be nothing to hunt or fish.

We’re not closing churches and schools.  We’re not being ordered to take a vaccine to keep our jobs.  We’re not walking around and breathing through a sweaty mask.  There’s no comparison.

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