The state’s unemployment rate for October remained unchanged from September, at 2.7 percent, according to information released by the Idaho State Department of Labor. It is the 14th consecutive month that it has remained at or below 3 percent.

The total employment for the Gem State increased by 853 to 830,616 while the number of unemployed people decreased by 454 to 22,828. Idaho’s labor force decreased slightly to 63.5 percent, the department said.

Over the year, October’s statewide labor force was up 1.4 percent (11,587), total employment was up 1.7 percent (13,890) and 9.2 percent (2,303) fewer people were unemployed.

Nonfarm jobs were up 2.1 percent for a total of 15,300 jobs, the department said, while “every industry sector showed continued growth except for information, which had 400 fewer jobs compared with the previous year. The fastest movers in adding jobs were natural resources at 5.7 percent closely followed by manufacturing with 4.9 percent growth and construction increasing 4.3 percent.”

You can see the full report here.

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