Holy cow, I can't believe we are really about to say goodbye to the dumpster fire year of 2020. This year brought some unexpected changes for me. When the pandemic hit, we had to decide at work how to keep everyone healthy. Part of the precautions we took was to have me work from home, and because of that I haven't done a day of work at the radio station since mid-March. I've had a lot of extra family time because of this change but I also miss my co-workers. Now, we are heading into a new year and I still don't know what the future will bring or how long these pandemic restrictions and precautions will remain. I do know that on New Year's Eve there will be many parties around the Magic Valley and not all of them will keep the guest list to an intimate 10 people.

What if each city in the Magic Valley were a guest at a New Year's party? What kind of person would they be? I took the liberty of making our 10 person guest list of Magic Valley cities so I could poke a little fun at each town and label them as different types of party guests.

  • The Host: Buhl. The honor of being our party host goes to Buhl, because honestly that town knows how to party. Their Sagebrush Days events rival those of many bigger cities in Idaho.
  • The Drunk: Shoshone. Sorry Shoshone, but you are the big drinker at our party. You want to get in as much booze as you can before the party ends. Make sure you get a cab or have a designated driver for that long ride home.
  • The Dancer: Filer. The fairgrounds are in Filer for a reason: They need a big place to practice their dance skills...which they will unashamedly show us all at the new year's eve party.
  • The One Who Always Has A Video To Show You: Twin Falls. We get it Twin Falls, you are a tourist city with BASE Jumpers at the Perrine Bridge sharing their daredevil video online. How about you just pick your favorite video and show us that instead of cornering us at the party to show us a dozen clips?
  • The Eater: Kimberly. Kimberly is the eater at our party, but not just at the party. Kimberly is a great little city filled with local eateries you should try out.
  • The Loud One: Wherever Those Loud Booms Are Coming From. For real, let's uncover the truth of those mysterious booms. Whoever is the loudest at our party is clearly the culprit.
  • The Wall Flower: Albion. Just like in real life, Albion is our quiet guest and only chimes in maybe once the entire party with a memorable moment.
  • The One Who Bails Early: Burley. Their excuse for leaving early is that they have a long drive ahead, but the real reason is they would rather be anywhere but in the same room as the rest of us.
  • The One More Interested In Their Phone Than The Party: Jerome. Any driver in Twin Falls will tell you that the Jerome drivers are the ones you need to watch our for on the road. They seem to be glued to their phones on the road and at the party.
  • The No-Show: Hagerman. Hagerman knows they are cool and eventually the party will come to them, so they just don't show up and wait for us to come to them to warm up in the hot springs.

Did we get any wrong or miss a city that should have been invited? We have to keep it at 10 guests so if you want someone else to come you have to bump off another city. Let us know what you think.

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