A buddy of mine jokes that when he hears politicians talking about “investments”, you know they’re ready to pick your pocket.  Usually, they sell grabbing your wallet by talking about the “public good”.  The government doesn’t earn its own money.  It squeezes you instead.  At the federal level, your children’s body parts are mortgaged and China holds the note.

Full-Day Kindergarten Benefits Kids

Studies show that children who attend full-day kindergarten get off to a better start when it comes to reading and readiness for later grades.  Idaho legislators are now considering funding full-day.  Am I opposed?  I have a split answer.  I believe the data.  I want kids to grow up with the best tools for competing in a global economy.  I was a half-day kindergartner and I did well in school but I credit much of that to demands made by my parents.  I’d practically break into a sweat before receiving my report cards.  Because when I would get home there would be an outstretched arm demanding the envelope.  From my mom.  Then when dad came home it was repeated.  Just slipping from an A to a B made home life quite unbearable.

School Choice is a Better Option

Schools feel compelled to step in and fill the void when parents aren’t nearly as involved.  Hey, we all want to help but I’ll offer an alternative.  Data shows homeschooling and many private schools deliver better results than government schools, often at a better price.  Can we consider if we’re going to make a major change in education that a voucher system is better than taxpayer funding of full-day kindergarten?

Self-Interest Clouds the Debate

Some retired school administrators from Idaho fear vouchers would put rural schools out of business.  You can read their comments here.  By the way, if you have kids in a Castleford home and a really good private school opens across the street from the current school, wouldn’t you appreciate the choice?  Why do you think some parents already opt for Clover Christian School?  Could it be that retired superintendents have ulterior motives?

I realize school superintendents get great pay and benefits at government schools and maybe not nearly as much at a private outfit, however.  Parents could always decide to reward good educators.  On merit.

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