Oil prices sagged last week.  Not enough to notice much of a difference at gas pumps.  Some of the loss is a reaction to the global climate summit and the hostility of participants to what they label fossil fuels.  Factor in economic uncertainty and fears of a global slowdown and we could see a bearish market ahead.  Record gas prices during the summer of 2008 came crashing down as the financial sector went into an autumn tailspin.

Imagine 300 Dollars a Barrel for Oil

However, not everyone is betting on a collapse.  Click here to see what I’m talking about.  There are some traders who believe oil could reach 250 to 300 dollars a barrel.  We’re talking about a threefold increase in the price per barrel for Brent Crude!  At the higher end of this forecast, the increase is closer to a fourfold spike.  Now, drive by the local pumps in your neighborhood and look at the current price.  Double or triple in your mind what you see.

We live in one of the most stable countries, if not the most stable, in human history.  If you suddenly find yourself paying ten to twelve dollars a gallon, you can kiss stability goodbye.

America Could be Heading for Revolution

A really solid bet is that Joe Biden is a one-term President.  Or maybe he won’t even make it that far.  Because if a year from now fuel prices are in double digits you can imagine what you’ll pay for a head of lettuce.  Which is to say, we could be looking at an ugly, ugly revolt.

Some in the alternative media are going so far as to say all of this is intentional.  Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson is among them.  Check out his comments below.

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