Helping a child at a park just seems like the right thing to do, right? Apparently, this isn't always the case.

Last month, my family and I were at a park in Washington. A little boy approached me and asked me to lift him onto a swing.

I didn't think anything about his request and promptly lifting him onto the swing. After I lifted him onto the swing he asked me to push him. At this point, I asked him were his mother was.

The boy told me that he was at the park with daycare...he pointed out the daycare employee that had brought him to the park. She was surrounded by 20 or more children. The last thing I was going to do was ask her to stop the million things that she was doing and push this little man on the swing. So, I pushed him on the swing.

As I was pushing him another mother came up to me and said I should think twice about helping kids that aren't mine on the play ground. She explained to me that if the child gets hurt it would be my fault. She also suggested that most parents don't want other people touching their kids. Is she right?

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