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People are honked off.

To call the crowd large would be an understatement.  One Michigan TV station admits it closed down the streets of Lansing near the Capitol Building.  The Governor, a Democrat, has dismissed it as being paid for by the DeVos family, co-founders of Amway.  Betsy DeVos serves in President Trump’s cabinet.

People can’t even buy garden seeds when shopping.

Expectations were of a manageable crowd, although.  People have a lot more time on their hands and are looking to break cabin fever.  While many arrived and stayed in their cars and trucks, others took to the plaza as you might expect in any political rally.

Michigan’s Governor imposed perhaps what are the tightest restrictions in the country to fight coronavirus.  People can’t even buy garden seeds when shopping.  In Idaho, Governor Brad Little’s orders weren’t nearly as heavy-handed.  It still hasn’t lessened public opposition here.  Some members of my audience suggest if we can’t get the doors of businesses opened in a matter of days, we need a similar demonstration in Boise.

What was remarkable about what I witnessed in Michigan was the lack of a law enforcement presence.  Water cannons and rubber bullets are more associated with Venezuela than the United States.

I haven’t been alone in saying home confinement was going to quickly become a sore for Americans.  This is where it gets dangerous for government.  You need the consent of the people.  If not, violent coercion becomes the only remaining option.  I think we’ve reached a point of decision.  What kind of country are we going to have moving forward and how much of it do you believe will actually remain while facing economic collapse?

Breitbart TV streamed the event from Lansing.

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