A local small school district football team recently had a situation that no team enjoys.  They had to forfeit a game because too many of their players were injured.  Not only did they have to forfeit that game, they had to cancel the remaining two games of the season.  They simply didn't have enough healthy (non-injured) players to make even an eight-man team.

It seems like this is becoming more commonplace; more injuries among the younger players and it's not just football.  This, in spite of the fact that the safety equipment is becoming better as technology improves.  One wonders if the game is played rougher today than it has been in the past.  I would find that very difficult to believe.

I have a theory.  I think our kids are spending too much time in front of their computer games (X-Boxes) instead of playing (or working) outside, building up their bodies through the natural order of play.  How much time do your kids spend in front of the computer/TV/X-Box, WII, Playstation etc. as opposed to the time spent outdoors mowing the lawn, playing tag or hide-and-seek or kick-the-can, or riding their bikes or indoors cleaning their room, waxing the floor or vacuuming the rugs?

I have a name for this crop of young folks growing up in front of the electronic entertainment.  I call them the "X-Box Generation."  Even my own grand kids spend a lot of time playing these games.  Granted, the games can be a good way to divert their attention and keep them quiet.  But at what price?

Do you have things your kids could be doing around the house?  Do you make your kids go outside to play or work on occasion?  Do you have your lawn mowed by a professional lawn service or do your kids mow the lawn?  Do you make your kids rake the leaves?  Do your kids belong to some civic organization that allows them to get exercise?  If not, why not?

Are we raising a generation of sissies to the point they can't even play a rough and tumble game without getting injured?  If we are, let's stop it now.  I know, it's easier said than done.  They can play in their rooms for hours and you don't even know they are there.  It's better they do that than let them run around unsupervised getting into trouble, right?

There once was a time when parents and kids did things together like camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and yes, even working.  There's nothing wrong with requiring your kids to mow the lawn or pull the weeds.  Shoot, there's nothing wrong with making your kids dig a hole only to cover it back up again.  It's great exercise.

Electronic games and other forms of entertainment that require little body movement are fine if they don't become the only thing the kids live for.  Let's get our "X-Box Generation" kids active again and get them on the football fields and basketball courts and let's have some fun.  Hey, we'll even keep score


and WINNER ONLY will get a trophy!

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