Something appears shady about the brief investigation of Tommy Ahlquist.

The apology doesn’t wipe away all the potential damage

The Republican candidate for Governor of Idaho is just days away from a crucial primary vote.  Suddenly he’s accused of campaign finance abuses.

An Assistant in the State Attorney General’s office on Tuesday made some sort of claim there was an investigation.  Within a few hours there was a mea culpa.  The assistant claims he spoke without having all the information about the complaint on campaign finance violations.

First, why is he speaking publicly about a potential ongoing probe?  One week before a statewide vote?  Two, what are the political leanings of the assistant?  Is he backing a candidate already working in the executive branch?  That would be Brad Little.

The apology doesn’t wipe away all the potential damage.  Many Republicans may vote next week vaguely remembering an allegation Ahlquist is shady.  Or someone may have voted early before the retraction and it could harm Dr. Ahlquist.

You be the judge, is this dirty politics?

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