A Redundant Election? (Opinion)
For many Idaho Republicans, the real Election Day was last week.  As many in the GOP face token or no opposition in November, it’s now just a long wait to take office in January.  We spoke this morning with the dean of Idaho journalism, Randy Stapilus, about the primary and what to expect next...
County Commissioner George Urie on Top Story
There are some great contests in Idaho’s Primary Season.  Many are at the county and state levels.  Twin Falls County Commissioner George Urie is a veteran of many political battles.  The District 3 Commissioner joined us this morning on Top Story...
Idaho Democrats Criticize State-Funded Primary Campaign
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The head of Idaho's Democratic Party is criticizing the purchase of 22 state-funded billboards that advertise the state's upcoming presidential primary, but fail to include information that the March 8 election is solely for the Republican and Constitution parties.
Idaho GOP Will Study Open Primary
BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Idaho State Republican Party convention delegates in Twin Falls likely skirted a renewed, potentially messy internal fight over their party's closed primary by recommending the issue be studied, not addressed head-on.  According to a resolution that cleared a convention committee on Friday, state leaders will be asked to scrutinize the 2012 closed primary's consequences before
Vote Today!
Idahoans are heading to the polls today for the primary election.  Polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.  If you plan to cast your vote you will need three things:  A photo ID, your party affiliation and your ballot choice.  That will depend on what party affiliation you declare...
Primary Election Changes
There are a lot of changes in this year's primary that will have a big effect on election results. The legislative district lines were re-drawn for this election cycle, changing polling places, who lawmakers represent and, in some cases, pitting incumbents against each other. But political analyst Dr. Jim Weatherby tells Idaho’s News Channel Seven  that redistricting will be a factor but it won't