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Some candidates for office in Idaho simply aren’t campaigning.  At the state level, I suppose it’s because a few are seeing polling data and long ago decided if they hunkered down they would avoid any gaffes and ride out the challenge.  U.S. Senator Mike Crapo might be the exception at that level.  People are asking me why he’s spending so much money on campaign advertising.  First, he can.  Second, if he plans to retire after the next term, then spend the money now.

At the local level, I don’t believe there’s much polling taking place.  I mean, who would spend thousands of dollars on surveys for a part-time job in the state legislature?  I also believe some of the people playing the Joe Biden basement strategy at the local level are looking at past history and using that as a guide.

But is 2022 different?

I don’t know!  I think 2024 will be a wild, wild year if we don’t tame inflation and if we end up in a depression.  You could see the traditional two-party system collapse in a crisis.  The Whigs and the Federalists are both long gone.

The thing is, Ammon Bundy is turning out large crowds.  Is this because he’s building a strong base for next week or for the future?  Are the people showing up curious or committed?

I can tell you one thing.  A lot of Republicans tell me off the record they like what they hear when Bundy is on my program.  They just aren’t sure about his tactics.  In a couple of years, his political approach could look mild in comparison to what may be coming.

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