BOISE, Idaho (KTVB) - Deadly crashes on Idaho roads are up this summer, according to Idaho State Police.

As we near the end of the so-called 100 deadliest days - the three months between Memorial Day and Labor Day when more cars on are the road, and more crashes occur - state troopers say they have investigated 60 percent more crashes involving fatalities this year, than in 2014.

So what is contributing to the rise in deadly crashes? Trooper Brandalyn Crapo says the answer is distracted driving. "A lot one vehicle rollovers, a lot of distracted driving is typically the cause," she said. According to the Idaho Transportation Department, statewide, there were 133 fatal crashes through August 2014. In comparison, there have been 140 so far this year.

Trooper Crapo also says they are responding more often to single-vehicle crashes. She says the increase in deadly crashes this year is alarming. "It is a concern," said Crapo. "We are trying to do everything that we can. We have had [grants]. We have had patrol numbers rise, we are trying to get more [troopers] on the road. Unfortunately, we can't be everywhere we want, so it comes down to the driver being safer and paying attention out on the road."

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