Idaho is one of the most beautiful states in the country with so much to offer, especially if you love the outdoors. From the amazing scenery to the wildlife, there is something for every outdoor lover.

Here's the thing about Idaho though... some creatures are just flat-out too dangerous for their own good.

The most dangerous creatures in Idaho

What makes an animal dangerous? Is it a painful and venomous bite from a rattlesnake or the terrifying brown recluse spider?

Does the raw power and speed of a mountain lion make it the most dangerous?

We suppose it depends on what you're most terrified of encountering but all of the creatures we've discussed can be deadly in some form or capacity.

The good news is that Idaho is not one of the most dangerous states when it comes to animal attacks.

According to, you have a 1 in 42,148 chance of becoming the victim of an animal attack. Those chances aren't very high but that doesn't mean danger isn't lurking through Idaho.

Looks can be deceiving

A lot of animals out there might not look deadly while others will put the fear of the afterlife in your heart. If that's not enough to frighten you, imagine seeing a predator in the wild and realizing it's a lot bigger than you imagined.

Idaho is home to some pretty large creatures and sorry but some of them should not be that big. And look, we get it... that's just the way they were made. Still - the size of some of these animals will shock you.

Especially Idaho's largest animal... the moose.

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