This sat for a few days at the repair shop by our studios.  Wouldn’t you know, the police showed up!  They were late, the donut wagon was already gone.  Truthfully, we did get a visit from two Twin Falls officers on a separate matter.  They were very nice and had a good laugh with me.

One morning this week, someone called the dispatch center and claimed we had an intruder in one of our studios.  The police were diligent and came by to check out the call.  I told them I hadn’t even heard any screams from the KEZJ studio!  Now that Brad isn’t working mornings, well, you know.

Not sure what anyone heard, but I believe someone may have gone too far.  I had a caller twice in the last few weeks (same fellow each time) angry with our content.  And his language is a bit too colorful for radio.

On Wednesday morning I casually mentioned we have caller I.D.  I also mentioned the FCC can levy fines against callers.  If I have your number, the federal agency can easily track you down.  We’re not talking about 100-dollar fines.

Maybe he’s the guy calling the police.  Out of spite.  If that’s the case, then they’ve got his number.  Between an FCC fine and a false report, that could be quite costly.  Then again, there are a handful of people in our community who have elevators that don’t go to the top floor.  As Larry King used to say, “That guy gets one call a week, and he has to call me!”

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