Many people have Christmas movie traditions. We want to snuggle up to our favorite flicks and wash ourselves in the spirit. There is always the debate about whether or not some of those beloved classics are a ‘Christmas’ movie. Not that this will finally end the argument, but let’s look at some movies with questionable ties to the category ‘Christmas Movie’.

Creating a New Category to End the Christmas Movie Fights

Perhaps a new category can be created. Movies that happen over Christmas, but aren’t about Christmas. Would that end the debate? We’ll call them Christmastime movies with subcategories for genre.


In the Christmastime Action category, there would be Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and Reindeer Games. Batman Returns and Iron Man 3 could go here as well, that happens over the holiday.


In the Christmastime Comedy/Romantic Comedy category, we can place Trading Places, Love Actually, You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, The Hating Game, and maybe Edward Scissorhands.

What Categories Need to be Added to Christmastime Movies?

There needs to be another category or two. People put Harry Potter movies in the Christmas category. Is it because he stays at school over the holiday most of the time? The Goblet of Fire has the Yule Ball, so it might be the most Christmastime of the Potter movies, but what category should that go in Fantasy?


Or Gremlins? That is a Christmastime movie, but where to put it after that? Should there be a thriller, horror, or creature genre? Where should we put The Nightmare Before Christmas?

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Maybe the argument has finally been put to rest. The word Christmas is in the title, but Christmastime sets these movies apart. Is everyone happy now?

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