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First, I would like to offer Tucker Carlson a job.  Working afternoon drive at KLIX Radio in Twin Falls, Idaho.  Some call it fly-over country, but you can drop over anytime.  Get it!  Twin Falls!

I do understand he doesn’t need an immediate line of work to feed his family.  We can be patient as he considers his options.

Seriously, I keep hearing all the socialists in mainstream media dancing on his grave.  He’s not dead.  He’s likely on his way to the best days of his career.

Liberals like to say Glenn Beck was never as influential after leaving Fox as when he was on the network.  They don’t seem to realize Beck has had a larger audience on the radio.  The old nags at the View likely listen to National Palestinian Radio (NPR), so they wouldn’t have a clue about Beck being on 400 radio stations.  You can drive coast-to-coast and never lose Beck’s show as you surf the radio dial.  The host also did very well creating the Blaze.  He’s rich and he’s his boss.

Tucker leaving Fox is right now a bigger cultural phenomenon than Beck was departing Fox, and Beck was doing huge numbers outside of prime time.

Carlson likely has all the large companies that syndicate radio shows knocking at his door.  He’s the biggest thing since Limbaugh and the Elvis of conservative politics.  If he decides to simply launch his podcast, he’ll draw a Joe Rogan-level audience.

Still, I’ll remind him that the local commute is short.  He can BASE jump on weekends and find like minds at the Depot Grill.  So, Tucker, if you’re ready, let’s talk!

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