As the cold weather continues to linger on, people seem to become more irritated and angry. Residents of Idaho are spending more and more time inside to avoid the cold temperatures, and it can lead to irritability, impatience, and being flat-out mean. The holiday season should help lighten some of these, but once the holidays pass and all we have to look forward to is a long winter, it will get worse. Not only are the residents of Idaho likely to get upset, but so are the animals that call the area home. Sometimes, we can lash out at each other for no reason, and animals are not immune to this, as one proved in a video by attacking an innocent woman.

Angry Canadian Goose Attacks Woman

The next time you think you are having a bad day, watch the video above and perhaps you won't feel so bad. There are times when animals act in odd behavior that nobody understands, and the above video is proof of that. A woman is trying to make her way into work before an angry Canadian goose begins attacking her. It is likely protecting eggs of some sort, or perhaps she has something it wants, but this goose was persistent. Even when a man drives up to help the lady out, the goose attempts to fly into the car, still going after her. She is so desperate to escape the animal, that she leaves her purse in the parking lot. Before you begin getting paranoid, this video happened in Brampton, Ontario Canada, but it doesn't mean that the geese here couldn't attack the same way.

Animal Attacks in Idaho

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Like many of us, the winter brings out the worst, and as the video above showed, it can lead to erratic behavior, even by animals. Unlike humans, who can go to a grocery store and buy food or go through a drive-thru or to a restaurant, animals are left to find food, and it can be tough in the winter. They become hungry, angry, and more aggressive. While it is unlikely to be attacked by an animal, it doesn't mean it is impossible. If you get near a goose and her eggs, she may attack, or perhaps a moose and her baby. If you stand between an animal and its food, they also may become more aggressive. If such an incident does occur, make sure to notify Idaho Fish and Game.  

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If you need a good laugh today, watch the video above, and if you are feeling like your day can't get any worse, hopefully, it cheers you up. The winter can be tough, the holiday season can be rough, and life is hard, but there is no reason to lash out and be angry or to attack your neighbors and friends. Don't be the goose in the video above, and embrace the winter. Only about 5 more months until we can enjoy beautiful weather and sunshine again.

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