Fillmore Inn Bed and Breakfast in Twin Falls, Idaho has listed at an asking price just shy of a million dollars.

If you’re into investment property in the Twin Falls area, you might be interested in this new listing of the historic Fillmore Inn in Twin Falls, Idaho. The long-standing Bed and Breakfast just posted with an asking price of $999,900. Keep scrolling for a gallery of photos from this listing.

Introduction to a Historic Gem on Fillmore Street in Twin Falls, Idaho

If you commute on Addison Ave in Twin Falls, you've likely passed by this historic Bed and Breakfast thousands of times without giving it much notice. If not for the modest sign on the wall that surrounds the property, it would blend in seamlessly with the other well-maintained mini-mansions on the president's street. And while Fillmore might not immediately come to mind as a vacation stay hotspot, this inn is arguably the most centrally located in Twin Falls. It's close enough to downtown Twin Falls shopping and dining, yet it remains near to the activities and canyon views that the north side of Twin has to offer.

Fillmore Inn Bed & Breakfast in Twin Falls Listed for Just Under a Million Dollars

The long-standing Fillmore Inn in Twin Falls, Idaho has just been listed for sale with an asking price of $999,990.

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A Seamless Blend of Past and Present

This unique property presents a rare opportunity to own a "brand new older home." Originally built in 1935, the listing has undergone multiple renovations. The house boasts modern amenities while retaining its historic charm. The residence features five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms, with four of these spaces designed as complete suites. You have to experience it for yourself, but once you’re inside the 9-foot property walls, the outside world around you and nearby traffic completely disappear. 

Bookings Currently Accepted for Stays at Fillmore Inn Bed and Breakfast

It looks like the Fillmore Inn will continue boarding while on the market. Stays can be booked through third-party agencies, but direct bookings are said to be discounted, so you might as well book directly from the Fillmore Inn website. Rooms are reasonably priced between $110 and $120 per night. And just like its namesake, breakfast is included with your stay and snacks are amiable 24/7 in the kitchen. You can read more about booking a stay at The Fillmore Inn by visiting their website. 

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