Super exciting news! Soon, Downtown Twin Falls will have an indoor golf course so you never have to stop practicing, even if the weather is crazy. The new facility is called "Golf In" and it states you never have to take a day off from golf.

New Indoor Golf Facility Coming To Twin Falls

The facility will be opening in Downtown Twin Falls on 2nd Ave N. It is called Golf In and according to their website they are offering different experiences so you can continue to practice and play when the weather is terrible. Let's be honest, golfing in the winter time is just not happening. It is an indoor simulator and you can try a variety of different golf courses you may not have been able to play otherwise. As of right now, you cannot book a tee time. It does not indicate when the facility will be open just yet but we are hoping soon.

Indoor Golf Is Heating Up

There have been more and more indoor golf courses opening up around the area. One opened up in Burley last year, Idaho Falls has an indoor golf area called Bob's Indoor Golf, and some have opened up in American Falls as well. Indoor golf is a great way to keep busy and keep playing.

Top Golf Versus Indoor Golf

Top Golf is coming to Boise and we are super excited about that. However, do not expect the indoor golf area to be similar. Top Golf is an outdoor golfing range that is usually open year round because it has shelters and stuff. There is also a bar in there and special events. While the indoor golf facility in Twin Falls has an option to book an event, it won't be like Top Golf. You will be playing indoor on a simulator screen.

Pricing For Golf In

They offer monthly memberships of $50 dollars per month which gives you 2 hours of play time. You can purchase additional hours for $30 dollars per hour. There is also an unlimited membership of $150 dollars per month and you get unlimited hours and 24 hour access. If you do not want to pay for a membership you can rent the simulator for $40 dollars an hour of a 10 hour pass for $350 dollars.

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