Some drivers in Twin Falls will need to find a different route around town starting Tuesday morning as crews will close lanes in one of the 5-point intersections.

The closure is due to a waterline leak. Crews are unsure of the extent of the damage and needed repairs.

Popular 5-Points Intersection in Twin Falls to Close Indefinitely Starting Tuesday

The water leak is forcing some lanes of the 5-points intersection at Kimberly Road and Blue Lakes to be closed Tuesday, May 21st starting at 5 AM. Since crews don’t know the extent of the damage to the deteriorating waterline or the time it will take to fix, the lanes will be closed indefinitely. Once crews have exposed the waterline and determined the fix needed, we can expect an update from the City of Twin Falls.

Part of the intersection will remain open during the work, but delays are to be expected. Crews will only be closing the following lanes, according to the city release:

...the outside eastbound lane on Second Avenue South will be closed at the approach to the intersection, and the northbound lane on Blue Lakes Boulevard South will be closed from the existing project closure to the intersection at Kimberly Road.

As the city mentions, there is already road work happening in that area with the Hankins Pressure Zone Project.

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As part of the Hankins Pressure Zone Project, Blue Lakes Blvd South is closed on the northbound lane south of Kimberly Road between Commercial Ave and Canyon Street through the end of May.

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Credit Canva/TFC
Credit Canva/TFC

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