The growing drug problem in Idaho has been the focus of Idaho's governor and local law enforcement recently. An operation involving the Idaho State Police Domestic Highway Enforcement team recently ended in nearly 100 traffic stops and more than 60 drug charges.

Idaho ISP Crackdown Results in 14 Felony Drug Charges

The ISP operation in Northern Idaho aimed at intercepting illegal drugs being transported through Idaho utilized 14 members, including 7 canine handlers, who used the latest intervention techniques to combat drug-related crimes.

In the statement from the ISP on their success, they claimed the following successes:

  • Contacts/Traffic Stops: 99
  • Misdemeanor Drug Charges: 50
  • Drug Cases: 21
  • Felony Drug Charges: 14
  • Methamphetamine Cases: 8
  • Trafficking or Delivery Cases: 5
  • Fentanyl Cases: 4

Among the drug-related traffic stops, police found 1.4 pounds of methamphetamine and 300 fentanyl pills.

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Drug Busts in Idaho Also Lead to Other Criminal Activity

Other than intercepting the drugs, police were also able to help 2 young children in dangerous situations, they found 2 people with warrants, others with fake IDs, open alcohol containers, and issued a felony charge for someone failing to register as a sex offender.

The 2 kids were taken by CPS to get help:

During one traffic stop, two young children were taken into protective custody when their parents were found to possess a large amount of fentanyl. The children hadn't eaten in 24 hours and were sitting amongst illegal drugs inside the vehicle. DHE worked with Child Protective Services to get care for the children.

You can read the full report on the operation on the ISP blog.

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