There have been quite a few stories floating around the internet lately about a new color being added to our traffic signals.

The idea of a new color and the reasoning behind it is a scary sign of the times for Idahoans.

Why Do People Think White is Being Added to Traffic Lights

Researchers have found that the 3 color system that we have used for more than 100 years will need an upgrade thanks to technology. Self-driving autonomous cars could be the reason we will see a new color added to the traffic lights.

It has been proposed that with the new AI-powered cars, a special ‘White Light’ could be added to the traffic signals. That light would allow the autonomous cars to take over traffic control and work together to improve the flow of traffic. Yep, the self-driving cars would take over and human drivers would be required to follow the direction of the self-driving cars around them.

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That’s where it starts to get a little too scary and futuristic for me.

When Will The New Traffic Light Color Be Added

The good news for the skeptical is that there isn’t a date set for the new light color addition. It’s just a thought that we have to prepare for as technology advances. Also, the color won’t necessarily be white, it could be any color as long as it is different than what we currently use. I’d like a nice purple light over a white one, personally.

While the thought of robots taking over the control of traffic flow may sound odd, it’s technically already happening with timed and sensor-triggered traffic signals. A light that could also be controlled by a car on the ground would actually come in very handy at the signals in Twin Falls that never seem to change. Many of us have sat at a light for a ridiculous amount of time with no other cars around waiting for it to change so we can go.

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