Get your pitchforks ready because I don’t hate the idea of electric vehicles. There is a lot of hate toward them, but I’d drive the right one if it were in the budget. Some EVs are wicked fast and look great and others are slow and ugly. My real problem with them is that I couldn’t have it as my daily driver or family travel wagon, it would have to be an extra car I had just so I could say I have one.

But, there is an instance where owning and driving an EV as your daily driver makes sense.

The One Reason Owning An Electric Vehicle In Idaho Makes Sense

I currently drive a car with a turbo and I get pretty good gas mileage around town, but I also drive an extremely gas-inefficient Yukon XL. There’s a Toyota Prius driving around the Magic Valley with a window sticker explaining why they drive the ugliest version of the hybrid cars available. They do get great gas mileage by using battery and gas power though. And by using less gas, the driver can buy more guns.

Credit Robert N Roxy Jesse in Car Culture of the Magic Valley Facebook
Credit Robert N Roxy Jesse in Car Culture of the Magic Valley Facebook

Honestly, that’s the only valid excuse for driving a Prius in Idaho.

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I’d make the argument that there are EV cars out there that would be sweet to drive around town. The Rivian R1S is a powerhouse electric SUV and there are a few I’ve seen driving around Twin Falls. They do have weird-looking headlights though. The Tesla Model S Plaid is a beautiful car with immense horsepower and range that beats my gas car. But my personal favorite electric car is the Lucid Air Sapphire. If you don’t know EV cars, you won’t know the Lucid brand, but this car is impressive. With over 1,200 horsepower, the Sapphire goes from 0 to 60 in under 2 seconds and since this car model is new in 2023 there isn’t a driving range estimate yet. Previous models had ranges in the low 400s between charges. But Lucid charges you for the speed and pony-power: the Sapphire model will run you about $250k.

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