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Do you know the word schadenfreude?  I believe it refers to taking some pleasure from the suffering of another.  It’s not very Christian, but I suspect most of us have had a moment or two of the reaction in our lifetimes.

I’m a believer that the people promoting electric cars and trucks haven’t fully considered the implications of converting the entire North American automobile fleet.  Some genuinely believe they’re saving the planet.  Some are virtue signaling.  Others know this isn’t going to work but see a means of controlling the lives of others.  I would put Chase Merrill into the well-meaning category.  Or he was!

He was driving in conditions in New York’s Adirondack Mountains that are similar to what we experience in Idaho and the mountain west.  He was driving an EV he had waited to buy for three years.  He paid almost $90,000 for a Rivian.  Now the truck is hundreds of miles away at a repair shop and Merrill is stuck with a massive towing bill.  Business Insider reports his next purchase will be a truck with an internal combustion engine.

I’ll be waiting for the EV drivers to write me about the benefits of the cars and trucks they drive.  I’m not knocking the engineering or the overall quality.  I’m just saying the promises that many of you bought into about saving the planet were a bill of goods.  If you want to drive a product that promotes child slave labor, have at it!  I’ll remember the human toll the next time you tell me my small Chevy is killing the planet.

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