Idahoans report dozens of UFO sightings each year. There has been an influx of them recently with the additional lights caused by the Starlink satellite trains that often travel across the sky. It’s been harder to determine what is a star, what is a satellite, and what is something unexplained.

We found a few recent Idaho UFO sighting posts with videos on social media, and some of them are definitely odd. My daughter and I saw one a few weeks ago over Twin Falls that really made us question what we had seen. With the videos posted on social media, there were 4 that we couldn’t explain and 1 that has an easy explanation. But an easy explanation doesn’t make it any less strange to see.

How Many of these Idaho UFO sightings can be Explained?

Starting with the easily explained video. The train of Starlink satellites will never not (yes, that’s a double negative but we’re talking about UFOs here so there are bigger things to argue about) be a strange sight, but it is explainable and not a line of UFOs.

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The first of the unexplained videos shows what looks like a typical UFO sighting. It’s a shiny orb floating in the sky. The post says there were two but they only got one on camera.

The second video is similar to the 1st one and shows a shiny object in the sky over an Idaho house. Also, I just realized that the Aliens Exist hashtag could also be Alien Sexist…just and FYI.

UFO sighting #3 is a lot harder to see. The post slows the video down to 25%, and even then it’s still a flash across the screen.

In the 4th UFO sighting, which says it is in Idaho but also tagged as Montana, you see a large and bright light in the distance of a dark night in the mountains. We couldn’t tell if the light moves but I bet it was creepy to see out in the wilderness at night.

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