Some things in life you just can't make up. A deceased, south Idaho farmer who lost a leg in an accident apparently paid for it to be buried separately from the rest of his body on the opposite side of the cemetery.

This story is one of those "only in Idaho" types of scenarios. I'd imagine losing a limb to be a very traumatic ordeal, and I'm sure people deal with it differently. It takes a hell of a good sense of humor to do what a south Idaho farmer did in the late-nineteenth century in Samaria, Idaho.

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Samaria is located approximately 140 miles southeast of Twin Falls, in the direction of Bear Lake. According to records online, there was a farmer named Ben Waldron who lost his leg in a thresher accident in 1878. Threshers are used in the harvesting process by farmers. The story of Mr. Waldron is told beautifully online and captioned, One Man, Two Headstones.

I couldn't believe what I was reading when I came across the story on the website Sure enough, there's a picture of one of the headstones Mr. Waldron paid for that has the illustration of a single leg on it. I couldn't quite make out what was inscribed on the headstone, but just the fact two markers exist for one man is hysterical. Rumor has it, the leg was exhumed and reburied because the farmer complained of pain after losing it and wanted it repositioned in the coffin.

I'm not sure if actual records of the exhumation are really on file at the cemetery, but it would be awesome if they were.

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