The words "fight club" weren't in many people's vernacular prior to a 1999 movie starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. A south Idaho teacher has been arrested for allegedly being the ring leader of a student fight club where videos were uploaded to social media.

A Caldwell school teacher is the target of an investigation by Idaho police after evidence of a reported fight club where students box one another bare-knuckle style surfaced online, according to details shared by multiple news sources including Billionaire Club.

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The teacher was employed by Syringa Middle School, according to the Billionaire Club report. Charges including injuries to children and inciting a riot have been filed, and the instructor allegedly held the fights in a classroom as recently as last week.

Fight Club was a film that came out in 1999 and inspired real competitions throughout the world that involved people beating one another to a bloody pulp. If these allegations are at all accurate, which Caldwell police are saying they are, this might be one of the worst cases of teacher/student interactions ever reported on. A student fight club is wrong on so many levels it's hard to fathom that something like this would have been formed by someone paid to be a role model and educator, let alone recorded and shared online.

This investigation is ongoing, and the individual arrested for the reported crime(s) is innocent until proven guilty. Caldwell is located 150 miles northwest of Twin Falls.

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