A massive United States teaching shortage, revised qualifications for instructors, building enthusiasm over a possible four-day school week, and waves of former teachers leaving the profession due to fears of school violence have made the present time the best opportunity to pursue a classroom career.

Teaching is something I wanted to do way back in high school. Instead, I pursued a career in radio broadcasting and journalism in the mid-nineties. While it's been professionally rewarding for me in some regards, I still have my regrets over not going after a teaching credential. Recently, I've been mulling the idea over.

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For the past several weeks, news reports of teaching shortages and a proposed four-day school week have been dominating headlines in the U.S. The shortened school week idea is being debated almost nightly on television. Schools in Texas, Idaho, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, and South Dakota are already experimenting with the idea, according to rand.org.

For decades, teaching has required a certification that can take months to earn, followed by supervised, classroom volunteer hours which can make life rough on some who need to make a living. I heard that young adults that are pursuing educational degrees are being asked to take over classrooms right now because of the shortage. For those in Idaho that have dreamed of a career in teaching, there has never been a better time to go after it than right now.

Degrees and certifications can also be achieved online through numerous academic programs, and some are offering scholarships worth thousands of dollars.

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