I took an oath to the Constitution.  I spent a year working for the Postal Service when I was younger.  The oath was administered before I began unloading trucks and sorting parcels.  It’s the same oath taken by our troops who dodge roadside bombs overseas and enemy sniper fire.  It’s much riskier for them and it makes my oath seem trivial in comparison, although.  I was proud to swear my allegiance to such an important document.

The same oath applies across government agencies.  None of this is a surprise.

Then why are some newspaper columnists labeling it a “military-style oath”?  Is there some fear of the men and women of the military?  Or any of our countrymen and women willing to defend our founding ideals?

Chuck Malloy is an experienced writer and a longtime observer of Idaho politics.  The quote about the “military-style oath” comes from a piece he wrote about Governor Brad Little’s frustration with Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin.

She administered an unofficial oath at a Patriots Day ceremony in Boise.

Malloy would be described as a smart guy.  He would know the standard use of the oath.  Of course, if you wanted to paint McGeachin and her political base as frightening you would conjure images of tanks rolling through the streets of Boise.  This entire matter is a media-generated controversy.

You can read Malloy’s column by clicking this link.

In another recent column, he continued the canard about Sarah Palin.  The woman never said she could see Russia from her house.  A comedian named Tina Fey playing the former Alaska Governor said those words.  Palin accurately pointed out parts of Russia are visible from parts of Alaska.

What’s the real agenda from your friends in mainstream media?

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