I’m not sold on online shopping.  It’s not an age thing.

Judging by my experience the war is finished.

Last summer I purchased two Hawaiian shirts online and ordered them two sizes larger than I needed.  I wear the style oversized.  The shirts arrived and were too small.  I vowed at the time I wouldn’t do business with Amazon for a very long time and kept my word for the rest of the year.  I never returned the shirts.  They were shipped from Germany.  Sending them back was like paying double the cost.

As a big man I’ve got limited choices when shopping at brick and mortar retailers.  When a store does have my size it usually is the ugliest color and style available.  I’ve learned if I’m buying through the Internet to purchase brands of which I’m already familiar.  Last week I placed an order online with JC Penney.  I saved 8 bucks having the pants shipped to the store instead of home.  The store is a few blocks away and I can pick up what I need driving from work.  Monday an email told me my order had arrived.  Tuesday I went to the mall and discovered otherwise.  A woman standing next to me at the service counter explained she had the same experience.  Her order was on a truck still in Salt Lake City.  Penney, Sears and Macy’s are struggling with competition from Amazon.  Judging by my experience the war is finished.  The old retail names can’t manage simple online orders.

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