Delta Airlines sees Twin Falls as a good market for air travel.  The carrier has agreed with the city and county to bring additional flights to and from the city.  When the service is ready to go, there will be two round-trip flights between the airport and Salt Lake City.  Business travelers and local businesses are going to be relieved.  Salt Lake City is a major hub for travel all over North America.  Also, some local people have business there and could use the service for a one-day business trip to and from home.

Another advantage is parking, which is free at Joslin Field in Twin Falls.  It not only saves a three-hour drive to catch a flight, but travelers will avoid parking costs once they get to Utah.  Additionally, once you clear security in Twin Falls, there’s no need to repeat it in Salt Lake City.

There was a time when air travel contracted to the point where many smaller cities across the country believed they would lose service for good.  This was on the heels of the COVID panic three years ago.  It also created a severe shortage of pilots and airlines are still looking for qualified people to fly planes.

Twin Falls has one special thing going for the city.  Since the start of the decade, the population has been growing by roughly 3,000 people a year.  The airlines like growing markets versus communities that are shrinking.  The future is the mountain west for growth.  A saying is that if you're not growing, you're dying.

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