This has been an 'exciting' year for driving to Utah. I have family down there and have made the trip half a dozen times this year and it seems like every trip had something different on the road to keep me on my toes. Here is what I have learned in my I-84/1-15 travels.

  1. Don't get comfortable with your knowledge of the route. The 84/15 interchange is crazy and it will catch you off guard if you aren't paying attention. If you have already made the drive you know this but like I said - don't get comfortable. They are changing the route again soon.

  2. There will be deer. Especially at night. We hate driving at night but our last trip it was unavoidable. Sure enough there were multiple deer sightings and thankfully no deer collisions.

  3. You will get stuck in traffic in Idaho construction and again (at least once) in Utah. The traffic in Utah will be more unexpected and a mystery because it might be due to an accident or it may have no explanation other than a merge lane and Utah drivers are the worst.

  4. You'll need a music backup plan. You can only get our station a little ways around the mountains after the I-15 merge. Nobody likes awkward silence so either stream our station through your phones or break out your CD collection and take an extra trip down memory lane.

  5. Get snacks, fill the gas tank, and do your potty break before you leave. This one is important. It's only a 3 hour drive from Twin to Salt Lake City so almost anyone should be able to do it non-stop. Plus, there are gas stations and rest stops on the way but the chances you see when when you actually need one are slim.

What is something you notice every time you make the Utah drive...or do you take the route through Wendover on I-80?