EllieMae Millenkamp has been all over the place since she made her debut on the NBC show "The Voice" and made Blake Shelton turn his chair. Now, it appears that EllieMae has gotten a record deal with Nashville.

EllieMae Millenkamp's story started in Southern Idaho

EllieMae grew up in Jerome, Idaho with her farming family. The Millenkamp name is now known for music almost as much as it is recognized in the cattle industry. After graduating high school she went to Iowa for college. If you have been around to the local fairs, bars, events of pretty much any kind, you have likely heard EllieMae play her music. She has been busting her tail performing and gaining fans everywhere she goes. And that hard work is paying off. She is a spunky young woman with a stellar voice and will definitely make you laugh. She has her quirky stories about growing up in Jerome and her tenure on The Voice. She is a pretty easy person to fall in love with.

EllieMae signs with new Nashville Record Label

Iron Gate Records made the announcement on November 23rd that they had signed EllieMae. According to some information shared by the label, she will be releasing a new single under the record shortly called "Christmas Makes Me Sad".

Where and how to listen to EllieMae's music

You can continue to follow her on her social media platforms and her website. You can also listen to her music on Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for local places that she will be sneaking into in the future.

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