Sergeant Mike Wendler is coming home.  His fellow troopers with Idaho State Police are planning a public welcome.  Wendler was badly injured while directing traffic at an accident scene in Jerome.  He has spent the last several weeks at a hospital in Idaho Falls, where he had made tremendous progress in his recovery.  His goal is to finish his rehabilitation at home, here in Twin Falls.

Wendler is a veteran law enforcer and also a United States Marine (I hear Marines are very tough, and here's an example of one that proves the claim).

You're invited to participate in his homecoming.  This Saturday, you can gather at the Perrine Bridge between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m.  The procession will exit the Interstate near Jerome and then head south to Twin Falls.  You can line up along the sidewalks on the bridge.

Mike is a regular guest on my morning program.  When we're in relaxed conversation, he hooks his hands in his vest.  It makes me think of old-time lawmen.  He was on the show the first Thursday of this month.  The following Thursday, he was struck by a car.  If he had been on-air the second week, he wouldn't have been at the accident scene.

The driver cooperated with the investigation.  But may have been distracted while trying to take photographs while behind the wheel.  It's one of the subjects law enforcers stress when they visit our studio.  There may be two good things that come from this story.  Someone may decide to put the telephone down, and Mike Wendler has given a tutorial on perseverance.

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