This is quite an honor for Vincent Wiersma.  He’s known as Navy Counselor First Class Vincent Wiersma.  The Green Bay Packers explain he’s also been a stellar recruiter for his branch of military service.

On Sunday, he’ll be singing the Star Spangled Banner before the Packers take the field.  Veterans are being honored this weekend at football stadiums across the country.  Veterans Day is Monday.  Four F-15E Strike Eagles will participate in a flyover.

You can read more at this link provided by the Packers football club. 

Apparently, talented singers come out of Jerome!

Wiersma has dedicated his adult life to the Navy.  It goes without saying he has a great voice.  Apparently, talented singers come out of Jerome!

The National Football League appears to have put aside its player complaints with the national anthem.  While it may take some time to repair some of the public relations damage, if the Packers are available locally this Sunday, a great many eyes will be on the game.  It’s my hope the opening ceremonies make the broadcast.  The networks have been a little shy about showing pictures out of concern some rogue player will take a knee, however.

This shouldn’t overshadow the honor bestowed upon a great American.  One who graduated high school in Jerome and now is on a very, very big stage.

As I said in a post following the World Series, it’s not about politics.  Baseball and football are games and a time to set aside party registration.  And this week recall the efforts of our men and women in uniform, past and present.

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