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I had someone text me and ask if I could share a picture I referenced from the Governor’s Ball, which took place Saturday at the Capitol in Boise.  This was Monday morning, and I had been talking about the case of Sara Walton Brady.  She was the mom arrested in Meridian for taking her kids to a public park during the infamous COVID lockdown of 2020.

Late last week, State Attorney General Raul Labrador decided the cost of prosecuting Brady didn’t match the crime of standing on woodchips next to swings and a slide.  Mainstream media is kicking dirt and complaining because the liberals in newsrooms wanted to have a “COVID denier” locked up behind bars.  In a story I wrote Friday, I mentioned that Brady would be attending the ball.  She’s quite the designer when it comes to formal gowns and she wore a dress Saturday that carried a strong message for liberty.  “DON’T TREAD ON ME,” was the theme.  I’ve posted a photograph from her Facebook page at the top of the page.

Sara also filmed some of the weekend events.  You can see the video below. The reactions from others are fascinating.  Former First Lady Lori Otter appeared amused.  General Labrador attempted to suppress a laugh.

Governor Brad Little didn’t really show many reactions at all.  As a sometimes critic of the Governor, I will offer that he seems very capable of keeping his emotions in check.

Let’s hope we never return to those government-imposed dark days from the spring of 2020.

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