Joe Biden wants to make the internal combustion engine a relic.  He said as much while in Japan this week.  You can find the details by clicking here.  He’s not alone.  Many of his fellow travelers are salivating at the possibility of making your F-150 a museum piece.  Including a writer at the Hill.  He says you can walk or ride a bicycle and that it will be better for your health.  This is easy to say if you ride the D.C. Metro.

I can’t.  I drive to work most weekday mornings at 2:45 a.m.  None of my neighbors and coworkers are willing to carpool.  Gee, I don’t know why they wouldn’t get up early.  I figure walking to work would take me 3 or more hours.  Same for going home.  As for a bicycle, I pass through some rough neighborhoods coming to work.  I can’t defend myself because I’m not supposed to bring my pistol to work.

I’ve heard from two members of my audience who own fleets of trucks.  It’s how they make a living.  Or they were.  Their fuel burden is growing.  A writer at the Daily Signal points out that the volume of diesel and gasoline used in business in this country can’t be replaced by electric vehicles.  There are already blackout warnings for this summer across the western states.  If I could afford an electric car (I can’t), I would be out of luck if I woke at 2:00 a.m. and discovered the vehicle didn’t charge overnight because the grid was down.  By the way, where are we going to find the minerals for 200,000,000 million electric cars?

I repeat what I’ve said in previous posts.  We’ve got plenty of fuel under the ground and under the oceans.

The notion that Joe Biden knows best and will force me to abandon much of my life smacks of elitism.  He’s not a public servant.  He’s a tyrant!

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