Not taking anything away from John McCain’s war service…

Let me get that out of the way.  You always have to qualify these things to keep the yapping liberals at bay.

he cast the vote that saved Obamacare. Two, he became the head cheer leader for the Trump haters

Monday I had an email from Lt. Colonel Steve Hyle.  Retired from the Air Force for well over thirty years he can assess some history better than I can, surely.  This is a letter he sent to his local newspaper following the weeklong McCain funeral:

The McCain Spectacle

I didn’t back John McCain when he ran for President, but voted for him when he became the Republican candidate. Only because I didn’t want Barack Obama occupying the Oval Office. McCain was the lesser of two potential disasters.

But I now pose the question, what made John McCain anymore a great American and a hero than the 590 other POWS, two of whom I know personally, who suffered just as much in the Hanoi Hilton as John McCain? Neither they nor their 588 fellow prisoners have, or will be, accorded nearly the level of prolonged national tribute, recognition and admiration that has been undeservedly heaped on John McCain. McCain has been raised to the level of saint hood for two additional reasons. One, he cast the vote that saved Obamacare. Two, he became the head cheer leader for the Trump haters.

Shamelessly, in turn, the Media, Hollywood Nitwits and fawning Opposition Party Leaders have usurped and exploited John McCain’s death to further their self-serving agendas. For this they are guilty of blatant and disingenuous hypocrisy. In doing so they swept away the dignity and reverence from what otherwise could have been a proper and respectful memorial to John McCain. Even more egregiously, the Trump haters blatantly and disgustingly politicized McCain’s death. As a result, history will record rather than being remembered in a positive light, John McCain will be demeaned and diminished. And, ironically, by the very charlatans who are now so falsely and hypocritically singing his praises.

Steve Hyle

Lewes, DE


I should also note the Colonel is scheduled to join us Tuesday morning on Newsradio 1310 KLIX.  Steve worked alongside Neil Armstrong on the Challenger Commission.  The Colonel has some thoughts on the new movie about America’s most famous Astronaut.

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