There are people in Idaho unaware there is a Republican caucus versus a presidential primary.  First, I’m not surprised.  Not everyone follows politics like they follow football.  Two, the caucus is still weeks away.  It’s scheduled for March 2nd, a Saturday.  Registered Republicans will have an opportunity to attend.  If you’re registered at the party, you’ll get a postcard detailing the location and time.

You won’t be required to stick around and listen to the speeches.  You’ll be able to show up, cast a ballot, and then leave if you wish.  Only two candidates may be left in the field by early March, but all who paid their fees will remain as choices.

State Republican Party Chairwoman Dorothy Moon took a call from a Boise TV station.  A reporter took to the streets and found passersby had no idea there was going to be a caucus.  Try asking people a week in advance, after the mailings.  Typical newsroom doom saying.

If you do follow politics like you do football, then you know about the event.  If you listen to talk radio, you know.  Beyond that, don’t expect someone to hold your hand and guide you in casting a vote.  If you don’t know about the caucus at the end of February, you’re probably so disengaged you shouldn’t be making a choice anyway.  Being informed is the responsibility of a good citizen.

There will be some voters who’ll claim afterward they didn’t know about the event.  Read your mail!  That would be a good start.  It’ll tell you where to go.  To vote.

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