How much space is needed for Joe Biden’s green transition?  An area as large as the states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee combined!  The White House also counts only the stems of wind turbines and not the base and length of the blades.  Do you feel like you’re being conned?  Real Clear Investigations has some of the details.  You can read in-depth by clicking here.  At some point, you would expect the liberals to be honest about what they’re selling, but if you were told the truth, you wouldn’t buy.

Meanwhile, America’s greenies ignore the small footprint of nuclear power and its promise.  They’re still seeing Jack Lemmon in a fictional film from 45 years ago.

The other day I saw a comment on the Facebook page of the group known as Stop Lava Ridge.  The page has been under attack by the tree-hugging crowd because it offers you alternative views and some of the facts you’re lying federal government won’t share.  We’re back to battling the Biden censorship machine.

Let’s make a sobering statement and let’s make it clear.  We’ll never have enough pinwheels and solar panels to achieve the dreams of the left.  We’ll never have the minerals to swap out the current automobile fleet.  The powers in the Democrat Party know these facts, but at the moment it’s good business for short-term election gains.  They take your tax money, give it to the fly-by-night green energy companies, and then get some of the money back in the form of campaign donations.  One day you’ll wake up, and your pockets will be empty.  You won’t have a car or truck.  You won’t be able to afford an electric vehicle and there won’t be enough of them to satisfy more than a few percentage points of demand.

You’ll be a have-not.  The elites will be the only people driving.  You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be miserable.  You’ll be in the dark, only able to organize resistance as far as you can walk, and you’ll be too busy fighting neighbors for scraps.

The green revolution is a brick wall for the overwhelming majority.  Reversing what the evil liberals have in mind won’t be possible in another five years.  Remember that when you vote next year.

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