Maybe people need to start dying before the potheads admit their mistake.  Whenever I write about this subject I get messages from strangers via social media.  They claim I’m stoking a modern Refer Madness in an attempt to spread lies about their marijuana sacrament. 

If you promote the weed then you’re harming children.  This was foretold.

Doesn’t matter how many arguments I link to or cite to back up my point.  The ganja goons refuse to believe legitimate arguments against their leafy faith.

The Washington Post is hardly a conservative outlet.  My guess is many people on staff at the paper have smoked their fair share of marijuana.  This is a link to a story about the health issues being seen in Colorado since that state adopted recreational use.  It’s especially dangerous for kids, who are getting their hands on more-and-more potent pot.  If you promote the weed then you’re harming children.  This was foretold.  Now it’s reality and not just prophecy.

In a tangential story, CBD oil needs more research.  This is a post at the Washington Examiner.  From a doctor.  He has studied the impact of substance abuse and been involved for decades in medical research.  While he isn’t opposed to use of the oil, he warns there are serious flaws in over the counter product.

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