SHOSHONE, Idaho (KLIX)-The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office says someone is using its phone number to scam people into sending money.

Wednesday the sheriff's office posted a warning its social media about a recent scam were a male person calls saying they are with the Social Security Office demanding money. The number being used is the sheriff's office number, 208-886-2250.

The sheriff's office says law enforcement will never call a citizen demanding money, or payment, or ask that a gift card be sent. Citizens who get the request from someone claiming to be law enforcement should hang up. Law enforcement might call someone asking them to come in, but never for money or payment.

Recently the U.S. Marshals Office warned of the same scam, saying people were being called on numbers made to look like they were coming from the Marshal's office, when in fact the scammers were using technology to mast the real number. The tactic is called "neighbor spoofing" and makes the numbers look legitimate on caller ID.

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