TWIN FALLS - Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney Grant Loebs today announced that he will be seeking re-election.

Loebs, who graduated from Pocatello High School in 1979 and from Idaho State University in 1983, was appointed Twin Falls County prosecutor in 1997 and has been re-elected several times, prosecuting a number of crimes over the years, including sending more than 50 murder defendants to prison.

“While the homicide cases are the most dramatic,” he noted in a news release this morning, “we have a large and complex array of other criminal issues in Twin Falls. … Methamphetamine is the core of our criminal problems in Twin Falls County and must continue to be addressed through swift, effective prosecution and treatment of drug offenders.”

Loebs, who says his office is flooded by casework, says he’s proud of his staff and the work they’ve been able to do together over the years. Working in cooperation with the Fifth District Court and the Juvenile Court in Twin Falls, he instituted a drug-treatment program to provide early treatment of entry-level drug offenders before they become hardened criminals. He also implemented a scholarship program to provide tuition to the College of Southern Idaho for local high school students who are committed to remaining drug free.

Early in his career, Loebs traveled to Washington DC to work as the legislative assistant for Defense and Foreign Policy under U.S. Sen. Steven D. Symms. Later, President Ronald Reagan appointed him to serve as assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Pentagon. Since becoming county prosecutor, he has served on a number of national and state boards, including the Governor’s Criminal Justice Commission.

In his efforts for re-election, the news release stated, his campaign manager and treasurer will be local businessman Mel Quale.


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